St. Philip’s ECHS celebra y escribe en el día del “Amor Y la Amistad”

Un detalle de parte de la clase de español nivel 3 de Ms. Ana Juárez para celebrar y apreciar la poesía, el amor y la amistad el día 14 de febrero y los días venideros.

Campeones del Concurso de Deletreo en español

The SAISD World Languages Department conducted its Annual Spanish
Spelling Bee (Concurso Anual de Deletreo en Español) virtually this
year, and three students were named winners at the elementary, middle
and high school levels.

Jimena G. from Maverick ES: elementary school champion
Angie M. from Mark Twain Academy: middle school champion
Paola J. from YWLA: high school champion

“Events like this promote literacy, enrich academic vocabulary and
foster healthy competition,” said Martha L Vasquez, district coordinator
of SAISD World Languages. “Our contestants from more than 30
campuses did not simply rote study their long list of words, they inquired
about their meaning, etymology, and multiple definitions. I am proud to
emphasize that our sponsors, students, and all involved in this event did
not allow the pandemic to become the stumbling block that would make
us cancel the spelling bee this year.”

The World Languages Program and the Dual Language Department
hosted the event, and the winners will represent SAISD at the Region
20 Spanish Spelling Bee in February.

UNAM Announces Calaveras Literarias Winners: SAISD Spanish Students Win Again!

Noviembre 2, 2020

UNAM San Antonio se anuncian los ganadores del concurso de calaveras literarias, 2020.

San Antonio, Texas— Noviembre 2, 2020Hoy, en la Celebración de Día de Muertos de la  UNAM San Antonio se anuncian los ganadores del concurso de calaveras literarias, 2020. En sus dos categorías, estudiantes y adultos:

 Categoría Estudiantes:

Primer Lugar: José Villalba Gutiérrez , del 9th grado de  St. Philip’ College Early College High School. Maestra: Ana María Juárez

Segundo Lugar: Joel  Chávez del 8vo Grado de Angelo Catholic School. Maestra: Irais Colin.

Tercer Lugar: Cithaly Cerna de Fox Tech High School. Maestra: Mrs. Balli

Categoría Adultos:

Primer Lugar: Armando Zamora, de Chandler, Arizona.

Segundo Lugar: Francisco Morales de Edimburg, Texas

Tercer Lugar: Laura Carreón de San Antonio, Texas

Los ganadores nos acompañarán leyendo sus divertidas calaveras literarias en la celebración del Día de Muertos, hoy 2 de noviembre de 2020, a partir de las 5:30 pm, en transmisión en vivo a través de la página de Facebook de la UNAM San Antonio:

Para información de prensa:

Alfredo Avalos

210 382 0956

Para información sobre el evento:

YWLA Spanish Teacher Wins EXCEL Award for SAISD

Marks says that enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment are characteristics that define her as a teacher. She believes that if students see an instructor who demonstrates a passion for the subject they are teaching, inevitably the student will be affected by this energy and engage themselves actively in the learning process.

AP Exam Support Documents

Students, Teachers, and Families,

SAISD is proud to provide AP Exam Support Documents to assist students with their at-home AP Exams! These documents are designed to boost morale, remind students of the content covered, and support them with writing strategies. They are available for every AP Exam SAISD students will take in 2020! Here are the links:

We are also linking the College Board AP Exam Checklist and the 2020 Student and Family AP Testing Guide

COVID-19 Remote Learning

SAISD is proud to present support and resources for students to use during the COVID-19 crisis. While our campuses are closed to students, we have created “at home” lessons and resources to prepare students for success on their AP Exams in May! Please use this link to access the SAISD AP Digital Playground.

The SAISD AP Digital Playground

Scholar Celebration!

SAISD was pleased to honor 153 AP Scholars this year! Thank you students for your hard work and diligence! We know that you will accomplish great things in the coming years.

We celebrated the successes of our students at the Via Grand Rotunda.
Thank you Via Metropolitan Transit and the SAISD Foundation for your generous support!

Get more information on the levels of AP Scholar awards here.